The brand of players raised by the internet.


Crypto Puzzle Mobile Game #1.
Become the blockchain puzzle (mobile) games leader. Think the "Candy Crush of Crypto" with play & earn dynamics.


Casual Gamers.
While a lot of projects are aiming at the hardcore gamer by developing immersive game experiences for the metaverse, we go the opposite way and focus on the casual gamer.
We believe Crypto & NFTs mass adoption will occur through fun and simple games easily accessible on smartphones.


Games + Brand.
The brand of players raised by the internet.
We will reach those audiences through our games and our brand that targets 1990/2000' kids. Our first game is an inspiration from a successful one that was played on

Why are we doing this?

Democratize NFTs & blockchain while having fun.
We believe that the current economy and governance needs to shift towards decentralized systems powered by the blockchain.
For the blockchain to develop its use cases, we need to onboard new people. We can't stay in a niche market.
This why we created CyberBloks.
To provide the smartest people who grew up with web2 a way to own their building Blok, and contribute to our expansion through gaming, building and investing.
Life's a just game after all.
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