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What will you be able to do with your earned $BLKS?

Art upgrade

$BLKS will provide a way for CyberBloks holders to upgrade the art of their Bloks to a newer and more prestigious aspect.

Take part in tournaments

Each tournament will allow everyone to participate with $BLKS. These tournaments will be occurring as raffles in which the better the score you have, the more entry tickets you get. This gives more incentive for people to take part in the tournament.

$BLKS Yield Increase

Every CyberBloks NFT yields $BLKS every day. By increasing its level, a CyberBloks produces a bit more tokens per day. The more you evolve, the more you get.

Fight other players

$BLKS will be your ticket to enter the Arena and fight other players in a 1v1 Battle.
Battle mode [name still TBD by the community] will be a turn-based game in which the first player to touch the other with his Blok, wins the game. This game will use similar dynamics as in Dixtra, with twists that make the game more challenging.
$BLKS will be used to participate in those PVP battles, and the winner takes all*. It will also serve to get power ups than increase your odds to win.
*The house takes a small fee on each match. This gets reinjected into the treasury.

Skip levels in Dixtra​

Just like Candy Crush Saga, we want to let people skip levels that are too hard in exchange for $BLKS.

Potential ideas

Ideas can be added and/or updated according to the market and for the sake of holders benefits.

Exhibitions & Non-invasive ads

CyberBloks NFTs are first an artistic creation. So we want to make Cyber City a cool place to show your work to your fellow Citizens.
If you're an Artist willing to exhibit your creations to the Cyber Citizens, you can display them across the diverse games environments (maps).
Got an offer/product of high value? You can also display it to our privileged citizens in a non-invasive way.

Squaring (Breeding)

As the ambition of CyberBloks is to expand to mobile and thus, to new users outside of current NFT enthusiasts, we need to expand. But this utility won't be available before we finish building our strong ecosystem and first 2 games.
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