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How we intend to build a decentralized brand focused on gaming.
We never outright promise anything, this is all a live list of our plans as we advance down the road together. Ideas can be added and/or updated according to the market and for the sake of holders benefits.
In this market, it is vital to be flexible and always keen to iterate, as we did since the beginning.


Q1 - Q2 2022

  • Mint of 1111 CyberBloks Genesis NFT
  • Release of the Alpha of DIXTRA™️
  • Alpha Tournament Speedrun (66 SOL prize)
  • Mint of the remaining 2222 NFTs
  • Listing on marketplaces

Q2 - Q4 2022

  • $BLKS staking
  • Dixtra Level Maker
  • Regular production of new levels for Dixtra
  • Release of NFT customization (art upgrade)
  • Dixtra on mobile (iOS / Android)
  • Battle Game Alpha (PVP)
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