Decentralized Game Making

A proposal on a decentralized way to build games across the CyberBloks ecosystem (and more)
From player to game maker.

Decentralized Game Making: A proposal

  • Independent
  • Trustless (no conflict of interest)
  • Profitable

Structure of Dixtra (beta)

  • Every x period, we release a set of levels. (example, 5 levels at a time).
  • At each release, a tournament is organized on these 5 levels.
  • Each tournament participation requires paying a small fee in $SOL/$BLKS per player (wallet).
  • The score depends on # of moves and time spent.
  • The higher the score, the more raffle tickets the player collects.
  • In the end, a winner gets the jackpot thanks to chance and skill.
  • Best players will still be able to win additional prizes ($BLKS, special traits, NFTs, etc...)
  • After the tournament, the level set is available to play in stand-alone.


  • If we create the levels ourselves, we can participate and win the prize as we know it before the players.
  • Creating the levels requires the core team to constantly be working on the product. Thus reducing Research & Development.

Solution: Dixtra 3.0

  • Decentralize level creation with a user friendly editor.
  • Reward level creators with a share of the royalties (25%?).

New issues

  • Creators may create impossible levels
  • Creators can play the tournament and have an unfair advantage


  • Prevent creators from winning: List the wallets of level creators who want to play in the tournament on a “non-winners” list (they don’t win prizes)
  • Each level of the tournament is created by a unique creator, identified by his Discord id (5 levels = 5 creators)
  • Automatic tournament: A tournament batch contains 5 levels. The levels can be created freely. Once the 5th level is created, the tournament is scheduled with the 5 levels in a given number of days (3 days). A twitter bot makes the announcement of the new tournament coming.
  • When the last level is created, a snapshot of all NFTs is made (wallet/staked). All wallets that make NFT moves are included in the list of non-winners.
  • Impossible levels to achieve? The creator must put his NFT in collateral before validating the creation of his level. If levels seems impossible, the creator must prove that the level is possible, at the end of the tournament. If the level is impossible, his NFT gets transferred to the DAO and everyone is refunded.

Potential blockchain issue

  • How to play with an NFT that is staked? -> Have an equivalent LP token? A "Staked NFT" token that represents the metadata of the staked NFT.
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